IPEX roof and facade constructions for the Grolsch brewery

In 1998, the decision was made to build a new brewery to replace the locations in Enschede and Groenlo. It took another four years before the foundation stone was laid, on 30 May 2002. That was an important moment for Grolsch: a fresh start to a new future for the brand

The new brewery was completed In 2004 and the first Grolsch beer was brewed: according to a 400-year-old tradition, but with state-of-the art technology. The brewery was one of the most advanced breweries in the world - highly efficient and eco-friendly. The building is impressive - not only because of its high-tech features, but also because of its aesthetics.

IPEX, who supplied the roof and facade constructions, played an important part in the construction of the new brewery. IPEX developed screws in exactly the right colour, as well as the sub-frame systems and profiles, all of which had to match to perfection. The result is an imposing, beautiful building, that IPEX helped to achieve, together with the contractors.

Under the motto 'Better a good neighbour than a distant friend' , Grolsch brewed a special beer that year: Grolsch Noaber, especially for all old and new neighbours, including the constructive cooperation between Grolsch, IPEX and the contractors.

The construction of the new Grolsch brewery was a major project with a stunning result. IPEX's contribution was important for the realisation of the imposing building. Involvement and cooperation between the various contractors was key in this project. It resulted in a building that is absolutely stunning, not only because of its high tech features, but also because of its aesthetics. And of course this was celebrated with tasty Grolsch beer!