IPEX provides smart structural support for the new building at Universität in Osnabrück

IPEX recently made a major contribution to the new building of the University's student Centre in Osnabrück, a project that cost a total of EUR 4.6 million. The building is located on the university campus and offers students and staff a modern and comfortable study and workplace.

According to an article by Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, the university's student centre in Osnabrück is designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient. The building is equipped with solar panels and other energy-saving technologies, and is mainly constructed with wood. The student centre is also equipped with a green roof and hosts bicycle parking facilities to encourage environmentally sustainable transport. 


Smart structural support for the façade 


With its smart and sustainable rear construction for facade panels, IPEX contributed to the realization of this project and the further development of the University in Osnabrück as a modern and leading academic institution. 


The project was constructed by the contractor Holzbau Steinemann GmbH. The building was designed by Architectenbureau Prof Klaus Sill + assoziierte GmbH - Hamburg (Thomas Sprenger). IPEX was responsible for both the supporting structure and the prefabricated wooden frames, which were customized and modulated in Tekla. 


Aligning the load-bearing structure with wooden frames 


A key challenge in this project was carefully aligning the substructure with the wooden frames. IPEX calculated, designed, produced, and supplied the substructure to Heinrich Rießelmann Holz & Baustoffe GmbH, meeting this challenge for Holzbau Steinemann GmbH. 


To ensure optimum strength, the C034 construction principle with 0290 wall supports and 0286 Stainless Steel extension plates has been chosen. This concept allows quick and easy changing the construction depth and ensures a centric transmission of force with respect to the centre of gravity, which is beneficial for use of force strength. Additionally, the 0227 and 0251 profiles were also used in the construction. The prefab wooden frames were installed on these. 

IPEX Group, a specialist in façade load-bearing structures

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