I-Facade in MeuseView apartments in Visé, Belgium

Gevelconstructie MeuseView complex met I-Facade van IPEX

MeuseView is a multi-purpose building in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, overlooking the river Meuse, with Liège's Trilogiport Platform nearby. Architect Luc Spits opted for Dekton facade panels for this project and for IPEX's I-Facade as the sub-frame system.

Hermalle-sous-Argenteau used to be a vast rural plain. Today it has a lively community with a beautiful multi-purpose building as the centre piece, and with the Liège Trilogiport Platform, inaugurated in 2015, nearby. MeuseView is a mix of commercial properties, offices and residential units. A new neighbourhood has come alive, with MeuseView as a multigenerational building at the heart of the community.

The building's architecture is contemporary and daring. The shape of the buildings is a reflection of the revitalisation of the region. The buildings remind of the new bridge of Hermalle. Architectural firm Puur Groen designed the beautiful green landscape around the building. The building itself was designed by Luc Spits of Visé.

Dekton facade with I-Facade fixings

The architect has opted for Dekton facade panels. Open facade cladding improves air circulation in a building, contributing to a healthier indoor climate. Open facade cladding can also contribute to a building's energy efficiency, because it reduces the heat from the sun and keeps the building cooler.

Another advantage of open cladding is that it can be used in a wide variety of designs. Different types of materials and designs are available, which makes it possible to give a building a unique look. Open facade cladding can be combined with other building materials, such as glass or wood, to create an attractive and functional facade.

Extra strength to the facade

The IPEX C034 system was used to fix the Dekton facade panels. It is one of the systems from IPEX's i-FACADE collection. The system consists of wall brackets and extension plates. The extension plates can be adjusted in depth. To add extra strength to the structure, force transfer takes place centrally in relation to the centre of gravity.

Cladding with concealed fixing

The IPEX B004 system was also used, to attach the Dekton 12 mm mechanical blinds. IPEX B004 is an invisible fixing system. The blinds are attached to horizontal rails with adjustable, hidden clamps. This system makes distinctive horizontal and vertical joints which make an expressive facade. Ideal for the MeuseView project.

I-Facade facade fixings developed by IPEX

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This video shows how the various components of our i-Facade C034 system are assembled.