Facade fixing in golden colour for Halzz.nl building

Gevelbevestiging in gouden kleur voor bedrijfspand Halzz.nl

One day, Rob Bijsterbosch of Halzz.nl walked by a commercial building in Utrecht with a facade in a gorgeous colour of gold. He thought: "I want that too". And he got what he wanted. The facade of his new office building in Hattemerbroek is made of Seren Midas panels. IPEX was hired to deliver facade fixings in the same colour scheme that Seren Midas used. The result is stunning.

Hallz.nl has over 40 years of experience in the development and construction of commercial buildings in the broadest sense of the word. By the development of a wide variety of unique concepts and system hall constructions, Hallz.nl stands out from the competition. They deliver industrial halls in any shape, size and budget.

In 2020, Hallz.nl opened their new office in the business park H20 in Hattemerbroek. A prime location near the A28 motorway. The offices, covering a total area of 1200 m², are designed in Hotel Chique style. Hallz.nl employees now work in a luxurious, homely atmosphere. An environment that stimulates creativity!

Facade attachment in Tata Steel's Seren Midas Gold

Owner Rob Bijsterbosch decided that he wanted a completely new colour of gold for the outside of the building. In 2020, the colour Seren Midas Gold from Tata Steel was only just introduced on the market in the Netherlands. Rob saw this colour for the first time in a building in Utrecht and fell in love immediately. The company SCH Holland from Nijkerk was contracted to supply the facade panels in a specific pointed profile. The rolls from Tata Steel come in a standard width of 1.24m. SCH Holland transformed them into a profile that fits the Hallz.nl project perfectly.

Self-drilling screws with washers as facade fixture

Hallz.nl and IPEX have been doing business together for many years, so it only made sense that Rob reached out to IPEX for the facade fixings for his own building. The colour was brand-new, and IPEX was asked to develop the most suitable colour mix. This is exactly what IPEX specializes in. Their sample was approved and IPEX got the order to deliver custom-made galvanised panhead drilling screws. The screws were completed with washers of Rob's choice. The truss heads were combined with blind rivets with a head powder coated with the unique Seren Midas Gold colour.

The result is an office building with a georgeous finish in Seren Midas Gold. We thank Rob Bijsterbosch and his company Hallz.nl for their trust. And we hope we will work together on many more projects in the future!

IPEX Group, specialist in facade fixtures in custom colours

With 25 years' experience in custom roof and facade fixings, IPEX is the best partner to help you to build a beautiful building. We can deliver quickly in all kinds of combinations and in thousands of colours, from our own factory. Our sales team is happy to help you order the right products. Let us take away the hassle, so you can focus on building.