Aluminium subframe for MOSA ceramic tiles

aluminium achterconstructie

In 2015, a new hotel was completed in Hoofddorp: the Novotel hotel designed by Mulderblauw architects. The hotel has no fewer than 314 rooms with a design that focuses on sustainability. The building consists of a high-rise section with most of the hotel rooms and a lower section with a patio. On the ground floor, the external walls are made of glass, creating a direct connection between the public area and the lobby, bar and restaurant. The top side of the glass wall is fitted with a canopy cladded in wooden slats, creating a pleasant wind climate.

Sustainable hotel with sustainable walls

The architects spent a lot of time and effort designing a sustainable hotel. They have incorporated narrow, vertical windows that lie deep within the external wall, greatly reducing the required cooling capacity. They also selected products with high volumes of recycled content from local producers, ensuring short transport distances, and materials that can be separated easily. The external wall incorporates sustainably manufactured tiles with a baked-in abstract relief print.

Calculation of aluminium subframe by IPEX

One challenge in this project was the installation of the relatively large panels using special tile clamps onto a timber-frame main bearing structure. Here a relatively large amount of the wind load was transferred from the wall brackets to the timber-frame structure. In order to overcome this challenge, the façade contractor Prince Cladding mounted the Mosa ceramic tiles onto an aluminium subframe using C035 as a construction principle with wall brackets and extension panels. IPEX, an international developer and supplier of customised screws and wall cladding, devised a custom solution for this project together with Prince Cladding.

IPEX Group specialist in mounting systems

IPEX has been specialising in mounting systems for wall cladding for 25 years and supplies customised screws for all kinds of building projects. They can quickly deliver all kinds of configurations and thousands of colours thanks to their in-house production facility. Their sales department will be happy to help you order the right products, so you can concentrate on your construction work. This collaboration between the façade contractor and IPEX allows the Novotel in Hoofddorp to be fitted with sustainable, high-performance wall cladding.